A Little About our Founder and Her Beliefs

The founder of Millennium Management is Tiffany Brown. Tiff has been in the Office Administrative field for 16 years. By previously working for both smaller and larger organizations, she developed a diverse way of thinking, especially when it came to managing and expanding businesses of all sizes. Her fields of expertise are HR/Consulting/Staffing, Workplace Mediation, Correctional Education/Employment Readiness, Project Management/Business Development, Office Administrative/Bookkeeping, Internal Auditing and Operations. She also has dabbled into the A&R, Modeling and non-profit sectors. (Always said to be the one with the INSANE ideas, but they worked though!). What can I say? She follows the statistics, constantly makes connections, she takes out the time to help ALL businesses. I know you think it’s crazy, but she sees the trends of her generation excelling and wants to be one to guide us all into the coming days as efficiently and legally as possible.

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